Star Time Lapse

On December 12, 2017, I went up into the Sierras into some much darker skies, with less light pollution. The moon was out of the way, so it wouldn’t be ruining the sky for pictures, as it is way too bright. I took my Canon EOS 80D camera, with my lens, and tripod, and set it up in a clearing about 100 yards off the road. I ended up with a little more than two hours worth of images, 30 second exposures at f/2.8 and an ISO of 1250, to create this 12 second video.

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Lots of clouds and high winds have been causing me to not be able to take images. Those cleared up just in time for the moon to start getting too bright. I’m taking a picture of the Cocoon Nebula now, but will have to finish it in a few weeks as the next new moon approaches. Continue reading “Clouds…”