New AG Optical Systems telescope has arrived!

The new AG Optical Systems telescope was delivered today! A 14.5″ iDK, with carbon fiber tube. It looks a lot larger than I expected, almost the size of a 55 gallon oil drum!

I’ll be replacing the C11 with the new 14.5″ telescope, quite an upgrade! Below is the telescope, sitting next to my love seat couch. The tube is about 18″ in diameter, and about 3 ft long.

I’ll try to get more images and details posted soon on the new telescope. It is awesome looking!

Just a reminder to everyone – all my images depend on dark skies. Help preserve the night skies by keeping lights at night to a minimum. All lighting should be downward facing. This will help everyone be able to enjoy the spectacular night skies. Learn more with this You Tube video by the McDonald Observatory

AG Optical Systems 14.5″ iDK with carbon fiber tube


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