Working through problems

I’m working thru the issues, trying to get the telescope ready for automated imaging. Some of my challenges are: I’m not good at staying up late!, work schedule, high winds, clouds, and lastly after doing an around 500 point T Point model, I found the polar alignment was way off. I noticed the bubble level on the mount was off too. Apparently I have the problem others have had with clay soil, and as it dries and wets with the seasons, it can push on the pier cement and move it. This is a bummer with a permanent mount. The pier cement goes down 4 ft into the ground. I re-leveled the pier, and then got the polar alignment back on. I’m waiting for the moon to get out of the way, so I can do another 500 point model, to get super accurate pointing.

I’m hoping to soon be ready for imaging this next new moon. Meanwhile I’ve been building a new lightbox for flats. That’s coming along nicely. I’ll post some pictures and have a separate page of construction details coming soon.

I’ve got the site mobile friendly now, so those with phones, tablets, etc can all see the website easily.

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